We need Welders because they construct and repair metal products that are essential to a mine. Welders must be patient workers who excel at carefully joining parts using heat and pressure with a variety of heavy equipment.

What is it Like to Work as a Welder in Mining?

Note: conditions vary according to employer and region.

Welders work on equipment ranging from light service vehicles to large crushers, working as a part of the mine’s maintenance department. Some of their work is performed in the maintenance shop, and some is done at the work site. Their work includes the construction of new structures and repairs or modifications to existing ones as well as equipment and machinery. Welders are often required to work in confined spaces, lift heavy pieces of metal, and endure long periods of standing, squatting and kneeling, while performing repetitive activities.

Why are People Attracted to this Career?

Welders seek a hands-on occupation that offers challenge and opportunity. They tackle projects that require different problem-solving skills, and are well compensated for their efforts. Some are drawn to the artistic side of welding and enjoy fine-tuning their technique with every project they take on.

Job Description

  • Read drawings and blueprints for direction on projects
  • Clean and prepare metal surfaces for welding, cutting, gouging, beveling, grinding or filing
  • Shape and bend piping and metal sections by using hand tools, machines or by heating and hammering
  • Measure and align parts for joining
  • Join metal sections using various welding and bolting techniques
  • Examine welds for bead width, appearance and penetration
  • Smooth welds by grinding, chiseling and filing
  • Acid bathe and polish finished products
  • Fit attachments, connect hoses to gas tanks and other components
  • Repair worn parts of metal products


$28.00 an hour

$45.99 an hour

Apprentices are typically paid a percentage of the full wage beginning at 75% and increasing with experience.

Job Prospect

Demand in Mining

Limited Great

Skill Transferability Among Other Industries

Low High

Success Profile

  • Builds and maintains a positive relationship with supervisors
  • Reads blueprints, graphs, charts and plans
  • Stays focused
  • Committed to safe work habits
  • Dependable
  • Detail-oriented
  • Embraces new technology
  • Excellent manual dexterity
  • Patient
  • Strong communication and listening skills
  • Strong concentration skills
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Strong math skills
  • Takes initiative
  • Works well in a team and independently
  • Works well under pressure

Job Entry Requirements

Note: The requirements listed below illustrate what it takes to start the career and does not take into account on-the-job training given to new employees.

Fixed Requirements

  • Completion of a three to four-year apprenticeship program or relevant work experience
  • Journeyperson Trade Certificate as Welder (check the requirements for your province or territory)
  • Good eyesight; contact lenses should not be worn
  • Knowledge of Metallurgy
  • Physically fit and mobile
  • Ability to conduct complex tests
  • Must be able to pass a medical test
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Willingness to work in a diverse environment
  • Proficiency in language of operation

May be Required

  • Red Seal certification as Welder


  • Willingness to relocate
  • Other languages
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