We need Mill Managers to lead the mill processing team and ensure the success of processing operations. They hold a high level of responsibility, motivating their teams and collaborating with other area managers to prepare and implement operational plans for the mill.

What is it Like to Work as a Mill Manager in Mining?

Note: conditions vary according to employer and region.

Mill Managers work in an office in a mill or at a mine site. They lead large teams of people, contribute to business management and act as an ambassador for the industry, working with other executives and the community alike.

Why are People Attracted to this Career?

Mill Managers are motivated to take on a senior position with a high level of challenging work, covering several aspects of management. They like to use modern tools to solve processing problems, and are well compensated for their efforts.

Job Description

  • Maintain and encourage a safe working environment at all times
  • Lead the mill processing plant team, managing all processing personnel and resources
  • Prepare and implement operational plans for the mill, and monitor and report progress
  • Propose capital expenditure projects for process improvements or capacity expansion
  • Prepare production and operating budgets, and monitor and report performance and costs
  • Recognize and anticipate operational, technical and safety challenges, taking action to prevent or overcome them, and seeking continuous improvement
  • Contribute to business planning and company strategy to improve competitiveness, profitability and growth
  • Engage with local communities and regulatory authorities to ensure company policies are met
  • Work closely with the maintenance department to ensure continuously safe, and efficient operations
  • Collaborate with management and corporate executives to achieve overall business objectives
  • Oversee new projects to increase capacity or replace old equipment
  • Oversee the recruitment and development of superintendents, supervisors and operators, providing support, encouragement, advice and guidance to build an effective workforce
  • Manage relations with trade unions



Average $152,800


Job Prospect

Not Applicable

Success Profile

  • Delegates work to achieve results efficiently
  • Influences workers at all levels
  • Makes difficult choices, and effectively communicates their results
  • Overcomes difficulties and solve problems with a positive attitude
  • Ambitious
  • Cooperative
  • Interested in the wider business aspects of the industry
  • Understands and respects legislation, regulations and procedures concerning safety, employment and environmental protection
  • Maintains positive working relations with trade unions
  • Operational leadership experience
  • Organized and a critical thinker
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, risk management and computer skills
  • Team player
  • Works well under pressure

Job Entry Requirements

Note: The requirements listed below illustrate what it takes to start the career and does not take into account on-the-job training given to new employees.

Fixed Requirements

  • Degree in chemical engineering, metallurgy or mining
  • Knowledge and experience in the mining industry
  • Minimum of five years of experience in a leadership position, including in the processing activities
  • Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet, email and presentation software
  • Must be able to pass a medical test
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Willingness to lead in a diverse environment
  • Proficiency in language of operation

Regional Requirement

  • Bilingual French and English (Quebec and New Brunswick)


  • A degree in business or management, or a relevant Master’s degree
  • Willingness to relocate
  • Other languages
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