We need Industry Trainers to help new and existing employees develop their mining skills and knowledge. They prepare and deliver teaching materials, and excel at coaching and mentoring others to help them reach their potential in the industry.

What is it Like to Work as an Industry Trainer in Mining?

Note: conditions vary according to employer and region.

Industry Trainers spend some time working in an office on (or near) the mine site.  They also conduct training sessions in the classroom and at various areas in the worksite, on the surface, underground, or both.

Why are People Attracted to this Career?

Industry Trainers like the balance of teamwork and individual work.  They are attracted to the challenge, opportunities to work with new technology and the application of existing skills from other sectors (e.g., sectors that use similar equipment as the mining sector).  This career offers extensive interaction with a broad range of people and has frequent opportunities to network with internal and external stakeholders.

Job Description

  • Prepare teaching materials and job aids, and deliver training
  • Help colleagues perform their jobs safely and effectively by sharing information, skills and knowledge
  • Design and develop training programs in area of expertise that comply with national and provincial regulations
  • Evaluate training materials after delivery and revise or update materials as required
  • Collaborate with team leaders, superintendents and mine or mill managers to identify and prioritize training needs
  • Collaborate with technical personnel to observe and analyze jobs, and validate operating procedures and processes to be used for training
  • Deliver training to individuals and groups on work sites, in equipment cabs, using simulators, or in a classroom
  • May develop and deliver computer-based training
  • Plan and optimize training schedules within operational deadlines and track and document employee progress
  • Support strategic planning, budgeting and scheduling
  • Support operational goals by modeling corporate values and best practices to colleagues




Job Prospect

Not Applicable

Success Profile

  • Communicate with people at all levels
  • Provide feedback effectively
  • Excellent focus
  • Embraces new techniques and technologies
  • Enjoys coaching and mentoring others
  • Respect and understanding of safety procedures, regulations and legislation
  • Responsible, organized and alert
  • Strong communication and research skills
  • Engages in continuous learning and skills development

Job Entry Requirements

Note: The requirements listed below illustrate what it takes to start the career and does not take into account on-the-job training given to new employees.

Fixed Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Five to seven years of relevant operations experience in a mining environment or earth sciences operation
  • Training or experience in one or more fields or processes related to mining or mineral processing
  • Knowledge of relevant occupational health and safety rules and regulations as well as legislative training requirements
  • Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet, email, presentation and database software
  • Must be able to pass a medical test
  • Must be able to pass a drug test
  • Willingness to work in a diverse environment
  • Proficiency in language of operation


  • Post-secondary training certificate or diploma in Adult Education, Vocational Education, or Instructional Design
  • Training and/or certification in WHMIS 2015, Health and Safety, Equipment Operation (Tickets) and ‘Train the Trainer’
  • Mine Rescue certification
  • Willingness to relocate
  • Other languages
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