Developed to introduce youth to mining-relevant positions, occupations and careers available to them that align with their talents and interests, Careers in Mining: A Teaching Resource reflects innovation and the mining sector’s role in transitioning Canada to a clean economy. Students will learn about how modern mining is safe, uses high-tech equipment and processes all while keeping the environment first in mind. The lessons and activities make real world connections to items that use mined material like phones, tablets, smoke detectors and surgical equipment to demonstrate the importance of mining in our everyday lives.

What’s Included in the Curriculum Resource?

The Careers in Mining: A Teaching Resource for grade 7 to 10 educators offers 12 unique and high-quality lesson plans in a variety of formats that include themes and interactive, hands-on activities to introduce students to what it’s like to work in Canada’s mining sector. The resource’s Curriculum Connections also identify how each lesson fits within each province and territory’s curriculum.

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